Gabrielle is available to speak on issues relating to divorce, separation, mediation, negotiation,
How to Create a Positive Divorce Pratice (It Doesn’t Have To Be A Grind),
The CLOSE Technique and The Better Apart® Method.  
She addresses both professional organizations as well as general audiences.

Have Gabrielle address your group for an hour, a half-day session or as part of a longer program.

Gabrielle is dynamic, inspiring, and will leave your group with actionable tips they can bring forward into their life.

Contact Gabrielle to learn more about
how she can best serve your audience.

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1.  The Art of Negotiating Conflict: How to Get Along at work, at home and in life

2. How to Create a Positive Divorce Practice (It Doesn’t Have To Be a Grind)

3. The CLOSE Technique and The Better Apart® Method 


Gabrielle is also available for panel discussion for anything focused on making difficult relationships better.

These talks are for both professional groups and general audiences (tailored specifically to the client)

“”Gabrielle Hartley is an energetic and motivational speaker who informed and inspired attendees at our annual conference about client care and self care related to divorce mediation. Attendees enjoyed her session and suggested we bring her back for a future event. As an event planner, I also appreciate Gabrielle’s professionalism as we prepared for the conference. Gabrielle met deadlines and was truly vested in making sure that she delivered for our attendees and the organization.”

Patty Murray
Executive Director of the NYSCDM

“”Gabrielle is full of verve, spirit and tenacity as she is leading a change in the conversation around divorce by building a positive and empowering environment for women to be strong, confident and fearless. I have seen Gab energize a room full of women and motivate them as she shares her insights and tips on how to be “better apart” and the “best you ever”. Gab is true to her word, vivacious, fun and trustworthy, she fills a room with her energy and sincere smile. I know that when she says she will do something, like a best friend, she will go above and beyond to make it happen.”

Judy Herbst
Director of PR & Partnerships,


The Radically Positive Way
to Separate

Gabrielle Hartley with Elena Brower

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“Potent, accessible tools for your family and your future.”
— Gwyneth Paltrow, New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of GOOP


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Revolutionizing the conversation around Divorce, one internal narrative at a time.


DISCLAIMER: The commentary, advice, and opinions from Gabrielle Hartley are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice or mental health services. You should contact an attorney and/or mental health professional in your state to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. 


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